A Brother's Funeral

A Gentle Touch

A Ghost Named Wiley

A Ghostly Playmate

A Mother's Eternal Love

A North Carolina Haunting

A Strange Encounter

Arthur's House

A Spirit Twin?

Auntie Likes Her Music

Auntie Lou - Taking Care of Her Family

A Vancouver Haunting

A Visit from Dad?

A Visit From Grandpa

Baby's Playmate

Best Friends

Best Wedding Gift Ever

Come With Me, Shelly!

Comforting Words From Dad

Daddy, The Man Keeps Waking Us Up

Dad Finally Made it to Heaven

Dad is with Mom and Suzzanne

Dad's pocket watch

Dead Cousin Drops In for a Visit

Dead Man Visits Sister and Widow

Diane's Near-Death Experience

Digging Their Way Into Hell?

Ghost at Brandywine

Ghosts at Chestnut Grove Cemetery

Ghost Hates Rock & Roll

Ghost in the Paddock

Ghost in the Window

Ghost of Stenabaugh Cemetery

Ghostly Childhood Friend

Ghostly Pianist Haunts House in Australia

Ghostly Touches in Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Glowing Crosses Above the Overpass

Goodnight Arthur

Goodnight, My Love

Grandfather's Goodbye

Grandma Agnes' Warning

Grandma Still Visits Melbourne

Grandmother Says Goodbye

Grandpa Needs Grandma's Help

Grandpa Was Upstairs Playing With Me

Granny's Passing

Great Grandmother Comes Calling

Great Great Grandmother's Visit

Haunted Apartment in Altoona, PA

Haunted Basement Bedroom

Haunted Classroom

Haunted Grave Digger

Haunted House in Florida

Haunted Rocking Chair

He Just Wanted Company

He Just Wanted to Say Goodbye

Hello and Farewell

He'll Be Okay

Homecoming Reunion

I Didn't Do it Because of You

I'm Going to Eat You For Lunch

Invisible House Guests

Is This What You Do in the Afternoon?

It Was Her Home

Jimmy's Light

Join Me in the Crawl Space

Knowing My Loved One is Okay


Late Night Apparitions

Laughing Children of Vizcaya Grounds

Leave Your Sisters Alone

Life Saving Ghost

Lightning House with Ghosts

Living With Ghosts

Living With The Spirits

Look Momma, There She Is!

Love is Stronger Than Hate

Mansion from another Reality?

Message From Dad

Mister Hoopes

Mrs. Johnston

My Brother, My Helper

Not Here, Not Tonight

Nursing Home Ghosts

Ouija Boards Can Be Dangerous

Ouija Board Fright

One Last Phone Call

One Last Time

One Last Visit From Dad

Our Dear Friend Chris

Papaw Cracking Walnuts

Pennies From Heaven

Satan Worshippers at Dead Man Trails

Saying Goodbye to His Friend

Security Guards get Spooked

Spirits at Meemaw's House

Still Proud to be a Marine

Stop Opening the Door, Walter

The Body in the Trunk

The Boy in the Swamp

The Candy Bar

The Crystal Goblet

The Deadly Apartment

The Eldwick Ghost

The Ghost in High Heels

The Ghost of Rosehill Cemetery

The Haunted Couch

The Haunted Library

The Haunted Penthouse

The Haunted "Presidential" Floor

The Headless Motorcyclist

The Headless Stalker

The Manager

The Manager and Mr. Spooky

The Natchez Trace Apparition

The Uninvited Guest

The Little Boy in the Striped Shirt

The Little White House

The Mother-in-law Suite

The Musical Visitor

The Orphan

Theme Park Guardian Angel

The Polish Ghost

The Red-Headed Man in the Closet

The Shadowlike Figure

The Shadow on the Jail

Things in the Wall - With Rakes

Three Important Women

Uncle Tino

Unpleasant Experiences in Glen Ellyn

Visitation at Pentridge Prison

Whistle While You Work

Who Sends Me Messages?

Who Stole My Sword?


Tales of the Afterlife

The following two short stories were written by the Ghostmaster back in 1996. He likes to call them "byte-sized" short stories. One summer night, about midnight, during a full moon, the Ghostmaster picked up his laptop and took a walk about a half mile into the woods behind his house. The idea was to listen to the peepers (tree frogs) and see what kind of stories, if any, might come to mind. He sat on the ground, leaned up against an old oak tree, and waited for inspiration of some sort.

The two stories that follow were written in the woods that night. They may not inspire you - but they are mercifully short. They're the Ghostmaster's vision of what "life on the other side" could be like for some people.

Harry: A young man finds the amusement park of his dreams - in Hell.

Ed Slimey: The owner of a rent-to-own store gets what's coming to him.